The Story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Michael Van Dyke


“You’ll be inspired by this story of a German pastor and theologian who gave his life to oppose Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime. Born into a prominent German family, Dietrich Bonhoeffer died in a Nazi prison camp, hanged for his plot against the man who’d plunged the world into war. Find out what made Dietrich Bonhoeffer the man he was—compassionate minister, brilliant thinker, opponent of the heresies of Nazism and Aryan superiority. This easy-to-read biography details both Bonhoeffer’s life and his powerful theology—of “cheap” versus “costly” grace.” Continue reading The Story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Michael Van Dyke

May Releases!

Good Morning friends! It has been a busy couple weeks in Jessica-land! By now you should know how I have an affinity for small authors! This post is dedicated to three new releases by smaller authors! Each book was kindly sent to me by the authors & I am looking forward to each! Perhaps in May you could purchase one of these titles to support indie authors!  Continue reading May Releases!