Seeker of Time by J.M Buckler

September 2017 Sojourn Publishing LLC


“I cannot guarantee that I will be the person you want in your life, but I will do everything in my power to be the person you need.” 

Elara Dunlin never imagined how much her life would change after moving across the country at the start of her senior year of high school. Who is the mysterious man with the deep blue eyes that follows her everywhere she goes? Strange events begin to unfold, causing Elara to question her own reality. The predictable and simple life she has always known dramatically changes on one cold, fateful night…the night when the elusive blue-eyed man finally approaches her directly and shares information that completely turns her world upside down. Eventually Elara realizes she has to tell her only friend, Cyrus, the truth about the mysterious visitor. Will her believe any of it? The elusive man continues to reveal dark secrets about her troubled past, adding a new dimension to their growing relationship. Is she willing to place all her trust in the one person who pushes her physically and emotionally farther than she ever thought possible? He had warned Elara that her life would change forever, but does she have the courage to move forward?”


I love going in to a book not knowing anything about it, other than the blurb. The joy of surprise cannot be replicated when the reader has more information on the book than just the teaser. When I received Seeker of Time, the first book in a new trilogy, my first thought visually was that the cover didn’t match the blurb, and the blurb didn’t give away the genre of the book. All a GOOD THING! As my reading progressed, I first thought that I was on a journey of mystery- which isn’t entirely incorrect, however once the true genre of the book was revealed, the smile couldn’t be wiped from my face! And the cover? An ah-ha moment that again left me intrigued and excited for the rest of the series!

The teaser is brilliant. While completely accurate, it doesn’t give away the true nature of the book and allows the reader to walk hand in hand with the main character, Elara, as she goes from an average high school senior to someone who is beyond her (and the reader’s) wildest dreams. The relationship she has with her parents is so accurate and relatable for a girl her age. An only child, she has the typical relationship one would imagine with her Mother; combative and overbearing but done out of love.

Elara would describe herself as nothing special. Someone who likes to blend in, instead of standout. This of course makes for a difficult time at a new school. There she encounters mean girls and makes one friend, Cyrus, who happens to be handsome, popular and one of the mean girls boyfriend.  She also has a difficult time with other peers, teachers and even lands herself in detention more than once.

A theme throughout the book is pretty clear. Not that it was hidden, J.M. Buckler eludes to it in her dedication. The way Elara views and handles trying circumstances is beyond what many her age and quite frankly even older adults, is capable of. On page 250 there is a life lesson that we all could benefit from, all of us- at any age. It has to do with the mysterious blue eyed man- I really wish I could tell you more about him but I’m determined to leave the reader of this review with no more information than I had starting the book.

My personal issues with the book are few. The detail was my main dissatisfaction. The author goes in to detail for areas that should have been wrapped sooner, and lacks description in some pretty important scenes. Also, some of the adjectives used were not what would be expected of a 17 year old to say. That however, is a very personal opinion and you may see it entirely acceptable.  I’m also looking forward to a more mature nature (hopefully) in books two and three.

Reading this, you still won’t have any idea what this book truly is about! And that is my purpose! I found Seeker of Time to be something unique, a sub-genre I don’t see or read much of. I appreciate the author’s obvious imaginative mind and am highly anticipating the next two books of her trilogy! If you’re looking for something new to read, I recommend picking this one up!

Tentative release dates for books two and three:

Stillness of Time-February 2018

Passage of Time-August 2018

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* This book was sent to me from the author with no expectations. As always, opinions are honest and my own.


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