#thankful January

Is it just me or does Christmas seem like it was 3 months ago already? It is said that time passes so quickly the older you get. In retrospect, it always does. In the present, if you are mindful of each day, time is a gift . One way I’m trying to be more mindful, present, is to count my blessings everyday. Little joys often pass us by when wrapped up in the bigger picture of life. Acknowledging these joys, however small, will surely make for a healthier mind and overall well being.

At the end of each month, I’ll share my joys, little or large- and I encourage you all do do the same. Keep a journal! If you’re like me and cannot seem to keep a daily dairy, write once a month! Join me in 2018 in being present, mindful, and learning to live within each day, not just passing through!

I’m thankful for…

1. My husband, who happens to be my very best friend. Life would simply suck without him and his light!

2. Sadie, Zoey, and Emmylou. My heart is wrapped with their unconditional love! (My two dachshunds and calico cat.)

3. My niece . She is the very definition of joy. She makes all our lives so much more. 

4. My family. My close relationship with my Dad, siblings and their significant others. We may be small in size but our love is limitless.

5. Our health. This is something I never have and never will take forgranted.

6. Bookstragram & the friends I’ve made though it. You’ve done more for me than you’ll ever know

7. Book sales! I’ve found some real hidden gems this month!

8. My ability to comfort and help others.

9. Security. Our jobs and home.

10. My faith.


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