Shadowsong by S. Jae Jones

“The covenant is broken.

They say the Hunt rides abroad when there is an imbalance between the Underground and the land of the living. The price must be paid. A life for a life. It is what they are owed. Now Leisl must choose.

Will her choice set her free?
Or will it shatter her forever?”


Absolutely brilliant! There’s really no other way to begin this post! You all know how much I LOVED Wintersong, and I must admit I was a bit nervous to start Shadowsong, as I had pretty high expectations! I was definitely not disappointed!

I can only live, either altogether with you or not at all.” Ludwig van Beethoven 

This book is definitely darker. The author has said it herself, as the novel has raw and disturbing truths about mental illness, and self harm. The madness is seen and felt to the reader from the inside, not secondhand.  She begins the book with an authors note covering the mental illness and gives a warning to the reader that some content may be triggering.

If Wintersong was about Elizabeth, Sepperl, and The Goblin King Shadowsong is about Leisl, the Changeling, and Der Erlkonig. This book is much more about Leisl and Josef finding their way- dealing with their own ghosts and realities.  It is about love and sacrifice, hope and coming to terms with both the past and future.

I thought after reading reviews, which I shouldn’t do, ever, that I may be disappointed that the Underground and Goblin King aren’t in the book as much as the first. I should have trusted the author, because the story in it’s entirety was written perfectly, giving me the conclusion I needed from the story as a whole and each character.

Shadowsong is as mezmoring and enchanting as I expected and hoped it would be. Dark yes- Sleepy Hollow and The Labyrinth combined with old folklore and fairytales.

Another 5/5 from S. Jae Jones!



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