When God Made Light by Matthew Paul Turner


When God Made Light is the follow-up to When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner, illustrated by David Catrow. I cannot give enough praise to the illustrator, as the art in the book is as whimsical and heart warming as the first, a perfect companion to the story itself. Let there be light! The book begins telling the story we all know through Genesis, that God created heaven and earth but first said “Let there be light!” A perfect introduction to God and his word for the smallest of children, giving them a solid foundation of faith to start on.

The story progresses gently and age appropriately to explaining in rhyme, that the light created by God is also inside each one of us, as well as making the sun shine, summers warm and flowers bloom. Turner does an excellent job of presenting happiness and joy through the book, and that living joyfully is using the light inside us all.

I have fallen in love with these children’s stories, and will say again- there are lessons for everyone, no matter what age you are! Sometimes getting back to elementary lessons of life and faith is exactly what adults need. We can all be sidelined by adulting and the troubles of every day life. If you have children, pick up these books. If you need a gift for a child, pick up these books. If you love children’s literature, pick up these books. The simple message of love and acceptance in each book is timeless. A simple smile left on my face indicates the joy I feel reading it!


(This book was sent to me from Blogging for Books. All opinions, as always, are my own.)

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