The Bleak and Empty Sea by Jay Ruud


“When word comes to Camelot that Sir Tristram and longtime mistress, La Belle Isolde, Queen of Cornwall have died, suspicions arise that there is more to the story of their deaths than they are being told. It is up to Merlin and his faithful assistant Gildas to find the truth behind the myths and half-truths surrounding the lovers deaths.”


Combining history, legend, and mystery The Bleak and Empty Sea is a medieval whodunit with aspects of Shakespearean tragedy and plenty of interesting characters- so many in fact that I had a hard time keeping track of who was who, in relation to who! The large cast of characters in the book is the main reason I had trouble attaching myself to the story as a whole. Everyone loves a solid ensemble cast, but as packed as this book is, it ended being a distraction which is disappointing because the author’s writing style was easily read- fluid and without fluff.

If you love Arthurian legend (after recently watching King Arthur he will forever be portrayed in my mind as Charlie Hunnam) medieval history and mystery, then this book is for you! Just take your time and perhaps use the key in the back of the book to keep up with the long list of characters.  I think those who love medieval books would appreciate this tale!

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(This book was sent to me for review from TLC Book Tours. All opinions are my own, as always.)


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