Stillness of Time by J.M. Buckler

SPOILER WARNING if you have not read the first book, Seeker of Time, know that the summary and review will contain spoilers.


Mystery, danger, and heartache are all things Elara must face now back on Aroonyx. Jax continues to reveal dark secrets that challenge her and Cyrus’s trust, pushing them farther than they ever thought possible. Can they keep their identities hidden from Zenith and the Collectors?

New and mysterious friends help the twins through their darkest hours while enemies lurk around every corner. Eventually, Elara and Cyrus discover things are not always as they seem. Unsure of their fate, the twins form an unbreakable bond that over time will be put to the ultimate test. Elara’s relationship with Jax evolves to a whole new level, only to be challenged during a life-changing night. Presented with a difficult choice, Elara is forced to make a sacrifice that changes the course of her future forever. Does she have the strength to accept this new fate? Can you truly love someone enough to let them go?”


I fell in love with the first book, Seeker of Time because of the story, and because of the sheer excitement I felt when the big secret was finally revealed- Elara and Cyrus are twins, separated at birth and taken from their home planet of Arooynx to Earth by the mysterious blue eyed man (Jax) as babies to escape an evil dictator. SCI-FI and fantasy! I was truly shocked! The story blew me away and I couldn’t wait for book two to see what was in store for the twins and Jax now that they had left the comfort of Earth and arrived on Aryoonx! Not to mention the romantic tension between Jax and Elara…

Book two, Stillness of Time, the same as its predecessor, did not disappoint!  Substantially longer, book two introduces us to life on Arooynx. The author did a fantastic job world building, giving the reader detail regarding the charm of the planet; quickly changing seasons, twin moons, hot springs as well as small details like no salt water or insects. I loved the fact that there was a map provided in the beginning of the book with a layout of villages. Every good book has a map!

We were also introduced to a cast of peripheral characters who each bring a new level of tension and provide some much needed backstory in some cases. Elara and Cyrus meet new allies and encounter some nefarious foes, such as Pollux, Jax’s nemesis. A couple worth mentioning are Samson, Idalia and Orion who all ally with the twins in one way or another. Samson is tough and rugged, his history comes in handy when the twins find themselves in need of a new combat trainer. The combat training scenes are some of my favorites of the book! Orion is the new mysterious blue eyed man who is nothing other than completely likeable to my dismay, I am 100% team Jax. Idalia and Elara get off to a rough start because of her past with Jax…

I loved the tension between Elara and Idalia. Idalia is gorgeous, charming and just so happens to love Jax. Of course Elara is jealous! The friction between them made for a great plot-but in typical Elara fashion, she is wise beyond her years and forms a friendship with her instead of carrying on in a spiteful and jealous way. This disappointed me slightly- Elara certainly can’t be that understanding, that fast. Who would? Nevertheless, Idalia’s character provides the reader with another totally likeable character and ally for the twins for their immediate troubles and hopefully long term fight.

“Forgiveness isn’t something you have to find. It’s already there, waiting for you to acknowledge it, to use it.” Elara 

I won’t go into to much detail regarding Jax. He is a multifaceted character, again my favorite, and you’ll need to read the books to fully appreciate everything that he is. The twins personalities really grew in book two. Cyrus is the easy going, humorous and protective one while Elara is serious, compassionate and deep. However she comes across as undone in book two, and immature while Cyrus is the one holding everything together. Elara is definitely having a harder time all around- physically and emotionally. I cannot wait to see how she develops in book three.

In my review of book one I mentioned that the author lacked detail in the book. Plots and narratives that should have been longer were cut short and others were carried out far more than need be. This book is leaps and bounds more detailed in  all the right areas! The author’s personal growth can be seen from books one to two. She is also a very descriptive writer. Her use of adjectives such as “intuit” bothered me far more in book one than it did in book two. It is certainly her writing style, which I can appreciate even if it’s not particularly my personal preference. The consistency provides me as a reader a better understanding of the style and technique. Buckler also has a very obvious bigger picture message in the book and the compassion and understanding that you or I may not see appropriate certainly fits into the larger narrative.  The underlying messaging of her books as whole plays just as important of a role as the actually story itself. She writes with purpose, with intent.

“True courage is found within” Cyrus

I also want to give a special mention to the formatting and font. I never really realized how important the actually readability is to me- and the clean formatting of this book makes for an easy read and its one I appreciate immensely.

So I’m back asking myself the same question I asked you all today on Instagram; What makes a good book? To me it is the story. And when a story makes you smile over and over again, for me it is the sign of a good book. Stillness of Time made me smile over and over and over again!  I love this story! Seeker was wrapped where it should be, and Stillness wrapped at a perfect place- leaving me asking questions, wondering what the heck is going to happen next, but still answering enough that it is a solid ending. I cannot wait for BOOK 3!

If you haven’t read Seeker of Time, go get it now! Stillness of Time is released on March 15 and can be purchased on iTunes and on Amazon. I have partnered with J.M. Buckler for a live Q&A next month as well as a pretty fantastic giveaway! Make sure you’re watching!

There is also a pretty awesome book trailer you can view here

J.M Buckler can be found on Instagram @author_j.m.buckler



( The author sent me this copy for an early review. As always, opinions are honest and my own.)

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