Let’s make postcards great again

While browsing my next selection from Blogging for Books, I came across this lovely set of 50 postcards with depictions of birds! I simply couldn’t resist! 

Sibley Birds of Land, Sea, and Sky comes in a beautiful and well made box and the postcards are sectioned off into groups; Waterfowls, Woodpeckers, Wading Birds, Song Birds and Owls & Raptors. Each individual card depicts a different bird and the artwork is beautiful! The backs of each card are completely blank which leaves plenty of room for writing!

The oldest postcard was sent in 1840 from London. The earliest postcards depicted print advertising. I myself have a few wartime postcards, the art on those are particularly clever! If you collect postcards you may have a hidden gem! Some old ones are worth some big money! One sold in 2002 for $31,750! McGills “Kipling” postcard is the number one selling of all time. Also, the study of collecting postcards is termed deltiology.

I thought of my friend Lizzy (words_in_time) when I received these. She lives in England and also appreciates bygone era’s and the art of a handwritten note or letter. I’ll surely be sending her a few of these lovely cards, just watching what I say as I realize how unprivate a postcard is! Some of the ones I have that are older have some quite fascinating messages!

Next time you visit somewhere new or want to send a quick hello, consider a postcard! Such a lovely and thoughtful way of showing someone you’re thinking of them!

Visit Penguin Random House to see where you can purchase this lovely set!


(This box was sent to me from Blogging for Books. Opinions are my own.)

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