To those who inspire me-You fabulous, fearless Women

I’ve known for a few weeks I wanted to write a post for International Women’s Day, sharing with you all some lovely women from the Bookstagram community who inspire me, who make me think, and those who are authentic. Of course, this list is no where close to complete. I could name 100 of you who have made my time on IG something to look forward to, and I have immense gratitude for your support and friendships! The relationships I have formed, the conversations I’ve had- each make this experience worthwhile. So without further ado, here are  just a few of the many women who have made an impact on me! CELEBRATE ONE ANOTHER!

@piesandprose Sarah, NYC

Sarah’s page is stunning, however, this is not the reason she inspires me. She is authentic. With a style of her own she inspires me to branch out of my comfort zone and try new things. Did I mention she loves sweets? Always posting something mouth watering. Her account is growing quickly, and she always takes time to respond to comments and messages.

@sweetsequels Haleigh, Wyoming

I have no idea how Haleigh manages two small children AND her business. Sweetsequels is an AMAZING bookish shop. If you have not visited, you’re missing out on true works of art. Each item is hand painted by Haleigh and then transferred to blankets, book sleeves, mug rugs and more. Her artistic talent and her ability to juggle multiple hats inspires me. Her work is stunning. Each single item I stare at and wonder how in the world she does it!

@mugandnook Maggie, Oklahoma

They say you rarely see truth posted online, and while that may be true Maggie’s unfiltered and spunky personality makes me question that rule. She will make you laugh, show herself in real and funny circumstances AND spreads awareness for issues close to her heart. A girl who knows not to take herself to seriously- something I am working on.

@magicalbookfairy Madeline, Massachusetts

My fellow book sale gal! She and I connected early on and Madeline has been so supportive and encouraging. Always a kind word, she inspires me to be kind always.

@roastedromance Brittany, Louisiana

We have such different reading tastes, actually we read nothing alike. We connected on life issues. She has two small boys, one whom has been through quite a bit for such a little man!  She inspires me by her strength. She inspires me to cook, seriously she is always cooking something that looks delish.

@amandalinsmeier Amanda, Wisconsin

Amanda has inspired me by her raw and unfiltered poetry. I don’t think I have ever read something as intellectually honest and truthful than I did in her poetry book Like Waves. Sharing our truth is a must and she has inspired me to do the same.

@words_in_time Lizzy, England

It’s rare to meet someone you feel connected with instantly. Let alone someone you have never really met. We chat about life more than books and like any true friend, she inspires me to just be. Be what I am. For whatever I am, at whatever time, and all is ok! #soulsister

@author_j.m.buckler Texas

One of the most hardworking women I’ve met. Writing and releasing a series of self published books, creating movie style promo’s, giving her followers access to her, tons of unnamed projects, working out, AND being a mom. All the while spreading positivity and encouragement. Need I say more?

@austenandarthur Mariah, Georgia

My bookish bestie! We have such similar reading tastes and interests outside of fiction.  We chat about the geo-politics of the Balkans, for fun. She is versed and well studied in foreign affairs (Master level graduate) and maybe one day we will see her as a foreign diplomat or working at the State Department. I just hope she remembers our little corner of the internet when she makes it big time!


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  1. What an amazing post, Jessica! I think it’s so important that we lift each other up , always. Your constant pursuit of knowledge and kindness towards others inspires me. I’m so glad the bookstagram community brought us together!

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