Our Wild Magic by Amanda Linsmeier

In Our Wild Magic, the soon to be released book of poetry and prose by Amanda Linsmeier, we are again taken on a journey of deep feeling- which is the sign of a great compilation- one that invokes raw emotion from the reader. I found myself reminiscing feelings which haven’t been stoked in years.  Like Waves by the author was a book overwhelmingly wrought with feelings of despair and real pain; Our Wild Magic is a book displaying self-reflection and a fire lit from within attitude. 

“day and night you haunt me

my need for you has grown

but your memory can’t soothe me

while I’m lying here alone” (Ghosts)


Don’t get me wrong, this collection also touches on angst, pain, longing, trauma, and unrequited love. If you have ever experienced a broken heart, giving up part of yourself for another- you will definitely relate to all feelings mentioned in the previous sentence. When you are left broken the immediate aftermath is one of depression and despair. I was taken back to a time when I listened to Pink’s Just Like A Pill on repeat 24/7. She touches on this but always comes out stronger and fiercer- as you do when your heart begins to heal.

“I am not craving any love but my own” (Cravings)

The book features black out poems which I particularly liked. If you have the unfortunate gift that keeps giving called anxiety, Jekyll &  Hyde is a poem written for you. This book took me to music a lot. In “Thunderstorms” and “Dancing” the song Young, Wild and Free immediately started playing in my head. I loved the simplicity of the message in “Snow White” and the perfect use of symbolism in “Feather.” “Fantasy” was a personal favorite,

“I now wear pink,

my life’s a joy

I’m no man’s queen and

no man’s toy” (She Kept Singing)


Overall, the main theme for me reading Our Wild Magic is one of passion, authenticity, strength and growth. One of self-reflection and understanding. Often we don’t see our own magic and ability and worth- which is perfectly described by Linsmeier in “We Forget” and striving to be our complete self and living authentically in “Authenticity,” which is where I leave you-

Is it better to be true? Or to be safe?”

Linsmeier has once again shown her ability to be authentic and honest through Our Wild Magic. She has a genuine way of putting words into feeling and making the reader feel both sympathetically and empathically which is no easy feat. Another stellar book by Linsmeier!

Our Wild Magic is set to release in May 2018. For updates follow the author on Instagram & Twitter @amandalinsmeier or her website amandalinsmeier.com


(The author provided me an e-ARC for review, opinions, as always, are my own.)


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