Who Will Roar If I Go? by Paige Jaeger

Illustrated by Carol Hill Quirk


“Do you know what an endangered species is and why animals become endanged?”

“Who Will Roar If I Go? will introduce you to thirteen animals around the world who have one thing in common: they need your help. With beautiful watercolor illustrations and rhyming verse, each animal is sharing a message with you that you will long remember after reading.”


Who Will Roar If I go? introduces a basic understanding of endangered species around the globe to the youngest of readers, although the message is one for adults as well. Each message is narrated by the animal, in rhyming verse.

“Please save me a place where I can try, To live in a place as a butterfly.”

From Asia the reader is introduced to the snow leopard, tiger and elephant. From Africa the lion, elephant, zebra, gorilla, and rhino. China, the panda and giant salamander. The quetzal from South America, pangolins from Australia, blue kerner from North America and the red-crowned amazon from North East Mexico.

The illustrations are lovely, composed with watercolor and realistic. The author also included a glossary at the end of the book with words and definitions young readers may find difficult.

“We need you to care and let us live free. Or there will be no more animals to see.”

Jaeger adds that one way to support endangered species is by visiting your local zoo. Many zoo’s funds help organizations which support endangered species. I do wish she would have added additional references to organizations the reader could support.

Release date is June 1, 2018 and will be available on Amazon.

For more information on endangered species you can visit:



A lovely book for children highlighting an urgent issue for the wildlife of the world, one that animal lovers of all ages will enjoy!


(The author sent me a copy for review, all opinions are my own.) 



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