Let’s Talk Again: Religion

I posed the following question to my Instagram followers; What does freedom of religion mean to you? Do you think people confuse OF religion with FROM religion?

My hope is that we can talk again, to each other, and see we all have different opinions, and we all have some common areas! All responses are posted here anonymous, as will all future question answers.

Article 1 of the constitution on religion states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. 

To learn more about the true and lost meaning of OF religion, study our founders personal writings. I find the best information comes from the source themselves.

To learn more about FROM religion, I suggest reading about Turkey after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. A book suggestion that touches on this is called The New Sultan by Soner Cagaptay.

Thank you to the ones who participated, and I hope more will next time! Here are the responses from this first question in #letstalkagain

“To me freedom of religion means to be able to practice any religion you want without any interference from government. I think some do confuse OF with FROM but I believe it comes from people being offended for whatever reason. There is a difference with someone forcing religion into you and bowing your heads in prayer at a restaurant. But some do get offended by just witnessing the latter.”

“Freedom of religion means people have the right to practice whatever religion they choose. I’m not religious and have no interest in it. But I’ve noticed some people think it’s validation that their religion is right and someone else’s is wrong, or a license to be an asshole.”

“I believe that everyone should be able to practice their religion but, not be able to force their beliefs on anyone else.  No fanaticism and an absolute separation of church and state. No prayer in schools. I do think the two are confused, but I feel that the focus is often on freedom OF religion. When the topic is brought up, we often hear about it in relation to religious persecution. I personally want more focus on FROM religion. I do not think that religious concepts and beliefs should affect lawmaking.”

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If you have a suggestion for my next question I’d love to hear it!


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