#LetsTalkAgain Concerns

Thank you to those who answered honestly! Again, all responses are posted as is and anonymously. The purpose and goal is to promote conversation and respect for individual ideas and views not just from the US, but across the globe. Today’s question was:

What is the single most concerning issue to you in the world today & why? 

“The fact that we as a society seem to have lost the most basic of common values.”

“The ability to find truth.  Even the people yelling the loudest for facts and truth don’t see that they are also playing a role in the problem by misrepresenting truth and twisting it to fit their particular agendas. A society without truth is a one way ticket to an Orwellian future.”

“I think the fact that we live in a society that expects things is what I find most concerning. You can’t just assume that certain things will be given to you. Your success should be based off of hard work and perseverance – not hand outs and expectations.

“There are so many, but most of them come down to hate. Why are we all so divided and hateful? Why can we not agree to disagree and respect one another? The lack of regard for human life scares me.”

“The single most concerning issue for me is the fact that we have taken God out of America (I mean that as a whole) simply because we are scared to offend people.”

“Child sex trafficking.”

“People burying their heads into their smart phones/ always being on a tablet or the internet. It’s sad, it’s dumbing down society, and it’s fueling every political issue and moral issue. It’s helping false information be believed like it is real. Parents aren’t being parents anymore, they are just putting iPads in kids hands to shut them up. At a restaurant you see tables where no one is talking or communicating with each other, they are all on their phones. And they become rude when you try to get them to do otherwise. So I don’t know what issue you would call that but I believe a lot of whatever is happening today would not be fueled anywhere near as much if people weren’t submerged into the internet. It makes bullying and spreading hate easier to do.”

“Genuine lack of caring and empathy for others. We are making the generational decision to make our kids’ lives worse by continuing to allow our police to be shot, racism to go unnoticed or do nothing about it, and thinking more gun control will save our kids from school shootings when instead it’s a lack of teaching our kids to care about others.”

“Most concerning issue would be lack of respect. From multiple generations. Society has a lack of respect for each other. Authority. Anyone. People hide behind social media and technology and bash each other instead of standing beside each other, whether the view point is the same or not. If people don’t agree with your point of view, they are extremely disrespectful instead of being open to different ideas. And it filters down to the children that will be running this world one day. They are doing as their parents do or as they are told (of they listen) and aren’t growing from experiences instead of being disrespectful and rude to the fact they aren’t getting what they want or people don’t agree with them.”

“The most concerning issue in the world today is the American response and interpretation of immigration. As a teacher/administrator at a school filled with students and families that immigrated to the United States, the verbiage is nauseating. I fear for my students and their families and I fear our relationship will be damaged by white rhetoric and as one of the few white people consistently in their lives, I do fear that they will fear me or see me as against “them.”


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