Author Interview- Erin Forbes (Fire & Ice Series)

1. Tell us a little about yourself!
My name is Erin Forbes, and I am eighteen years old. For those of you who don’t know me, I am the teenage author of the Fire & Ice book series. I was born and raised in the Hudson Valley of New York, where I enjoy hiking and exploring the beauties of nature. When my time is not occupied by writing and reading, it is spent with friends, horses, and various forms of art. I was home-schooled for the majority
of my life, and I will be attending university in the fall.

2. And your series…
Welcome to Aisling, an enchanted realm where each individual is born with a unique and magical Gift. For centuries, this realm has been slowly crumbling due to an ancient curse set on the land. Stone castles hold mysteries, and secrets veil the reality of the shadowed beasts that roam the forest. Three years after discovering their elemental powers, Alice and Emery Hanley step into the Academy
for Gifted Youth, where their lives are forever changed. Amidst the disappearance of a fellow student, the twin sisters discover a prophecy that could save the realm of Aisling from destruction. The Fire & Ice series follows the Hanley sisters through an intricate journey of self-discovery. Although the books comprise an epic tale of fantasy, the story is relatable to young readers, as the characters work through real struggles, raw emotion, and valuable relationships. Celtic fantasy and mystery
collide as readers step into the realm of the Gifted.

3. When did you begin writing? How did the series come to you?
My writing career began at the age of twelve, when the original plot for the Fire & Ice book series entered my imagination. Nevertheless, my passion for writing can be traced back to the days of kindergarten, when my love for reading bloomed. As I grew up, the pages of my journals filled with short stories and poetry, and I developed the dream of publishing my own novel. After years of struggling to find an uplifting story in the YA section of the bookstore, I decided to write the kind of book I wanted to read—something inspirational, page-turning, and enchanting. The Fire & Ice book series stemmed from this notion, and it has changed my life in countless ways. In the time that has passed since then, I have published the first two installments in the series and developed an international following of readers.

4. What are the positive and negative aspects of social media for author’s?
Social media presence is a very important aspect of authorship, as it gives you the ability to develop a platform where you can market to the perfect group of people. As a self-published author, it is crucial to find your voice in the world of marketing. Although many of my dedicated readers have stemmed from interviews such as this one, my audience has grown so much from the use of social media. I enjoy blogging about my life as a teen author, posting photos of my adventures, and filming videos for the Fire & Ice book series YouTube channel. As far as negative aspects, social media can be a distraction from writing projects, and it is important to limit the time spent on it.

5. How do you handle criticism?
As a teenage girl, it takes strength to handle criticism, and every writer in the world is faced with this challenge. During one of my recent author events, a young reader asked this question. In my opinion, you must understand that criticism has value and can benefit your future works, but you must also remember to judge criticism with an open mind and honest heart. Are the words helpful? Some people
write reviews that are built on the platform of nonsensical opinions, while others praise, encourage, and guide. Not every person will be pleased with your style, but you are not writing to please other people—you are writing to pour the story from your soul. In the end, your fans will outweigh the opinions of negative people. In the words of Taylor Swift, “shake it off!”

6. Do you always intend to be authentic in your writing or do you feel pressure to please the reader?
While my writing has impacted readers across the world, it began with the simple idea of writing the kind of book I wanted to read. Although it is important to consider the impact words can have on other people, it is also important to express yourself. When you write from the depths of your soul, readers notice and find shelter in your words.

7. When do you write? Do you write with music on? Snacks?
I have a very strict writing schedule, as it takes practice to balance my career with academics. My best words are written on the front porch of my house, which overlooks fifteen acres of forest and meadowland. A sleeping cat and cup of peppermint tea are the essentials. As you will find on my website, I have created Spotify playlists for each book in the Fire & Ice series. The songs allow me to
step into the realm of Aisling and disconnect from the matters of everyday life.

8. Who inspires you?
I’ve always been inspired by fictional characters, such as Lucy Pevensie, Anne Shirley, and Luna Lovegood. In addition, I’m fortunate to be surrounded by many inspiring individuals in my own life. Some of my greatest inspiration comes from my grandmother. In 1931, she was born in the countryside of Ireland, and the tale of her life will never be forgotten. She immigrated to the United States at the age of sixteen, crossing the rough Atlantic on a cargo ship during the second World War.
Throughout my childhood, she taught me to have an appreciation for the Irish language and culture. As a result, much of my book series takes inspiration from Celtic folklore and the ancient landscapes of Ireland.

9. What books do you recommend to others?
Other than my own book series, I am a huge fan of Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery, The Giver by Lois Lowry, Goose Girl by Shannon Hale, My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodie Ashton, and Jodie Meadows, and The Language of Thorns by Lee Bardugo. My list of recommendations is eternal, but you can keep updated with my latest reads on Instagram and Goodreads.

10. What can we expect from you in the future?
Big things! 😉

Erin can be found on social media!

Instagram – @erinforbesauthor and @fireandicebookseries
Twitter – @erinforbes99
Facebook – @fireandicebookseries
YouTube – Fire & Ice Book Series

For more information about the Fire & Ice series visit the website 

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