More to Me by Saty Cornelius


Is it possible to trust again?

“For as long as Bri can remember, it’s been the same thing: taking care of her siblings throughout her mom’s many hangovers, breakups, and abusive habits.

After fourteen years of this family dysfunction, she and her younger three siblings end up in foster care, where she battles with depression and loneliness – the very things that caused her mother to slip deeply into her alcohol addictions years ago.

Bri fights with every ounce of strength she can muster, but it doesn’t matter – her family still falls apart, and she is left broken and alone. 

As she drifts through the unfairness of a shattered heart, Bri meets one unexpected last chance at hope. Cautious and skeptical, she slowly realizes the truth about her past.”

Quick Review

More to Me takes the reader inside the life of a child in the foster care system. From page one, I was invested in the lead character, Bri, and moved by her story. Cornelius brings the very essence of pain disguised as anger, hurt blanketed by coldness, and an inside look into the emotional effects of being fostered can cause. A deeply intimate book with life’s very essence at its core, bringing the reader into the heart of a young girl trying to find hope, and love, in a circumstance she neither asked for or wanted.

“This must be grace: to love someone deeply enough to do the hard things, even when that person didn’t want to be loved.”





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